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With 40 years of passionate enthusiasm as a Marine Aquarist and avid Scuba Diver, I dedicated myself to replicating the natural tidal currents and water movements experienced by fish, invertebrates, and corals in the wild. This deep-seated curiosity and love for the marine world fueled my design process.

Improve Coral Health

So often you read about Corals detaching from the skeleton because of excessive water flow from a rigid wave maker sitting on the side of a reef pointing at a coral and blasting it with thousands of litres of water per hour ,Corals in the wild would never experience this flow because they would have never settled in such a high flow area in the first place, they would have been just pushed past the area and settle in a less flow area ,with the Ocean Seawave the Oscillating action allows the corals to rest in between sweeps and this has proven to stimulate Coral growth and successful feeding .

Diagram of Motor on side of a fishtank

Generation 2 - Coming Soon...

Introducing the Next Generation OceanSeaWave, now with WiFi-enabled control and the capability to manage up to four satellite units individually! Effortlessly take charge of your coral care with precision and ease. This breakthrough marks the final piece of the puzzle for successful home reef keeping—a revolutionary solution that introduces customisable water movement to your aquarium. Welcome to the future of aquatic maintenance.

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