About Us

Ocean Sea Products was conceived from my extensive experience in the aquarium world. From my childhood, I was surrounded by breeding and show fish. Over time, this passion evolved into a quest to unlock the secrets of the marine world.

As an Assistant Instructor in scuba diving, I had the privilege of studying marine fish and corals in their natural habitat. I observed the intricate interaction between fish, corals, and water flow on the reef. This experience shed light on the vital role of water movement in coral growth, feeding, and waste removal. It also highlighted the significance of currents and the moon cycle in coral spawning.

The Birth of the Wave Maker

Reefers had long struggled with replicating natural water movement in aquariums until the introduction of the wave maker. This innovation marked a significant breakthrough in maintaining corals and certain fish successfully. However, it didn’t fully resolve the issue of dead spots or still water within the reef.

The Ocean SeaWave addresses the limitations of conventional wave makers by introducing oscillation. It moves water across the reef in a sweeping, plume-like fashion, eliminating dead spots and providing corals with the opportunity to feed, rest, and remove waste without a constant, forceful water flow.

The Benefits of Ocean SeaWave

Ocean SeaWave comes with an oscillating frag rack, a valuable addition for reef enthusiasts. This rack not only safeguards delicate corals from aquarium critters but also ensures a continuous flow of fresh nutrients, enhancing coral health.

Revolutionizing Coral and Reef Keeping

In conclusion, the Ocean SeaWave represents the final puzzle piece in achieving successful coral and reef keeping at home. By introducing variable water movement within reef and home aquariums, it transforms the way we care for coral, ensuring a thriving and vibrant marine environment.


Explore the power of Ocean SeaWave today and experience the evolution of coral and reef keeping in your own aquarium.



- Mark Caotes